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virtual teams



Using design thinking methodology and an interactive digital workspace, our Sprint Master will guide your team through three critical stages of development.


You can expect a fast paced, collaborative team experience delivered in 3 x 3 hour sessions, across three consecutive weeks that will leave the team feeling focused and energised. Each session is expertly guided by the Sprint Master to ensure there is a high degree of contribution from all team members to achieve optimum results and learning. 



Brings the team together to define what success looks like, with a clear understanding of their key enablers. The team come away with key actions agreed to deliver on before the next Sprint.


Builds on learning and moves the team through sprint specific exercises that push the boundaries of their problem-solving, innovation and collaboration capabilities. The team come away with a prototyped solution to go away and test.


Focuses on reviewing and consolidating learning and embed agreed changes into practice. The team come away with tangible outcomes and an understanding of how to operate as a high performing team no matter where team members are located.

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