The 3-Day Sprint consists of a 3-hour session, once a week for three weeks. The team picks one area of focus and learns how to architect more effective ways of working together. Teams will leave the sprint with greater confidence and understanding on performing as a virtual team, building their teaming skills so they can apply their learning to other projects and work streams.

Sprint one brings the team together to discover untapped team potential, define their focus area and create clear context for their vision, impact and opportunities. The team finishes the Sprint with three key actions to execute before the next Sprint.
  • Clarify the team's common purpose

  • Focus on and examine one critical area of work

  • Map stakeholder influence and interactions

  • Define areas of improvement

Sprint two starts with a retrospective and moves to challenge the team to reflect on their performance and accountability. We build on this by bringing the team through a process of design thinking that pushes out the boundaries of their problem-solving, innovation and collaboration capabilities.
  • Prototype improvements

  • Agree success metrics

  • Define the team's new ways of work

  • Agree priorities & allocate responsibilities

Sprint three is focused on reviewing and consolidating learning and new ways of work. It gives teams the opportunity to revisit previous Sprints and make sense of what feeds or blocks the team’s ability to perform so they can repeat the process on other projects and work streams.
  • Review what worked well, what needs
    more attention

  • Embed agreed changes into practice

  • Discuss how to apply learning to other workstreams & projects